Crane KenneyCo-Chief Executive Officer

Crane Kenney serves as our Co-Chief Executive Officer and has served as the President of Business Operations of the Cubs since 2009. Following the Ricketts family’s acquisition of the Cubs in 2009, Mr. Kenney led the organization’s talent acquisition, strategic planning and execution of the tenyear turn- around that helped transform the Cubs into one of the most valuable teams in Major League Baseball. Under his watch, the Cubs overhauled its talent base, rebuilt every operating asset and launched its regional sports network, hospitality and real estate development business, live music division, secondary market ticket operation, digital content delivery and proprietary sports marketing agency. Prior to joining the Cubs, Mr. Kenney was the General Counsel of Tribune Company, then the largest major market newspaper, television and digital company in the United States. Responsible for new media investments, mergers, acquisitions, joint venture and start- up financing, Mr. Kenney was a member of the senior management team at Tribune from 1998- 2008.

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